Australian Clinical Labs originates from the aggregation of Healthscope’s Australian pathology business (2015), St John of God Health Care’s (SJGHC) pathology business (2016), Perth Pathology (2016) and SunDoctors (2021). The Healthscope and SJGHC pathology acquisitions provided ACL with a heritage of hospital based pathology and the skills to deliver time critical and complex hospital pathology, as well as, the scale to efficiently provide community pathology.

Over the past six years, ACL has improved its operational performance through investing in the integration and optimisation of these businesses. This process of developing a national unified laboratory system has involved the establishment of:

  • National standardised pathology testing protocols;
  • National sample identifiers;
  • The redesign and upgrade of its four central laboratories and their integration into the national laboratory information system (LIS);
  • Investment in state of the art robotic and genetic instrumentation;
  • Efficient unified laboratory network;
  • Integrated testing, reporting and database management with digitised workflow;
  • Optimised courier system and automated rostering system;
  • A performance culture supported by national benchmarking and performance improvement; and
  • Clinical and governance standards.

Over the past 18 months, as these initiatives have started to come to fruition, ACL has achieved operating scale and efficiency. For the six months to 31 December 2020, ACL has achieved EBITDA margins comparable to its two larger ASX-listed peers1.

Key Historical Events

CY2015 ·        Crescent Capital acquired Healthscope’s Australian pathology business

·        Rebranded business to Australian Clinical Labs

·        Installed new tracks at the Melbourne (Clayton) central laboratory

CY2016 ·        Acquired SJGHC’s pathology business

·        Acquired Perth Pathology

·        Introduced the Harmony Non-Invasive Prenatal Test

CY2017 ·        Installed new tracks at Perth (Osborne Park) and Sydney (Bella Vista) central laboratories

·        Established Project Management Office (PMO)

CY2018 ·        Completed integration with laboratories operating on one laboratory system

·        Opened new laboratories at Northern Beaches Hospital and Hawkesbury District Health Service in NSW

·        Established national clinical protocol, processes and benchmarking for pathology testing in laboratories

·        Expanded Malaysian data entry facility and back office services

·        Upgraded genetic testing capability

·        Introduced Aspect Liquid Biopsy test

·        Set up purpose built Clinical Trials laboratory in Port Melbourne

CY2019 ·        Opened new Adelaide (Adelaide Airport) central laboratory

·        Completed the integration of ACL, SJGHC and Perth Pathology laboratories

·        Won national Australian Defence Forces (ADF) contract and set up Canberra laboratory

·        Invested in centralised national rostering system and collection optimisation

CY2020 ·        Established accredited COVID-19 laboratories and pop-up collection centres

·        Implemented machine learning based reporting tools

·        Invested in digitisation of slides

CY2021 ·        Acquisition of SunDoctors, a skin cancer clinics and histopathology business

·        Opening a new branch laboratory in Queensland

·        Successful IPO (ASX Ticker Code: ACL)

·        Acquisition of Medlab, one of Australia’s largest independent pathology providers


Last updated 12/04/22


  1. On a post AASB 16 basis